Sunday, April 24, 2011

What is the Sword of Kirakath?

What if the Sword of Kirakath? The question has occured to me recently, because I realized that most of you have no idea what it is yet. I list that I'm the author of it, though it's still in the planning stages.

The Sword of Kirakath is not a book, and it will never be a book. It will be a story, but it won't be a book. How is that possible, you ask? Isn't a book and a story basically the same thing?

The Sword of Kirakath is no more a book than The Sword of Truth, The Wheel of Time, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Ranger's Apprentice, or The Bakkian Chronicles. Simply put, The Sword of Kirakath is a series.

The question of "What is the Sword of Kirakath?" will not be answered until the first book is completed and published through Amazon.

As I said earlier, the story is still in the planning stages.

For those writers reading this, you likely know what that entails. For those who don't, let me explain.

The first step of planning- for me, at least- is something called world building. If you're going to write high fatnasy, epic fantasy, or sword & sorcery, you must delve into world building. You need to create your world from the ground up. Naturally, you need to choose what races and creatures will live in such a world. You also need to decide what the theology and geography of such a world is. Then there is a system of magic, the calendar, and various other things, including cussing.

I made sure to bring up cussing because there are certain words you can't use. Most cuss words have roots in religion, like "bloody" and "damn." Both of those come from Christianity. The latter is far simpler to understand the reason behind.

The next- and most frustrating- part of the planning has to be the map making. It's easy if you have a map program, but I hand-make my maps. I have a scanner so I can scan them to my computer.

The rest of the planning consists of designing the characters, cultures, and history along with coming out with an outline.

But anyways, I don't want to bore you guys any further, so I'm getting back to work on this fanfiction story. I'd love to abandon it now and work on what I want to, but I gave my word that I'd finish it. I don't go back on my work unless I have no choice in the matter.

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