Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sometimes, we must face hurdles in all aspects of life. The same is true for everyone, even writers.

Chapter 8 of Through the Flames is a hurdle. I realize that now. So before I tackle it and finally complete that huge annoyance, I'm going to blog about this for a bit.

How is a chapter a hurdle, you ask?

Well, occasionally you come to a chapter that you know exactly what's going to happen in it, but you keep having trouble obtaining what you seek. Some people make uphill progress on such a hurdle, while some people write and rewrite a chapter numerous times. I'm one of the former.

I seem to have exhausted all but one of my planned lazy days, so I'm going to have to get on the ball. If I want to have a lazy day, I'm going to have to write two chapters on at least one day. Such a goal should help set me straight.

To be honest, it's not just me being a bit lazy and disliking the way the chapter is turning out that has stalled the chapter's completion. I lost power twice tonight, and I write best at night. With a crappy battery in my laptop, I have 45 minutes of writing before my battery dies. Thus, I had to wait to write until after the power came back on. I don't like it when my battery dies, after all.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Have a good one.

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