Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I hate losing a day

I hate losing a day.

What I mean is that I hate when a day comes and goes without any progress.

At the present, I'm working at Arby's part-time. That essentially means I get to work 11-2 five days a week and occasionally come in for a split shift. I don't mind no working that many hours. After all, it gives me more time to write.

I hate split shifts though.

Working a split shift means that I get six hours total for the day, but it also means that I have to go to work before I'm awake enough to get any writing done, I have to go back to work before I've relaxed enough to write after the first shift, and I'm getting tired right as I've relaxed enough to write after the second shift. That's what happened yesterday. Thus, Chapter 8 is still being worked on. It's a good thing I planned for having a few days of nothing nothing during my writing schedule.

Well, I'm not going to talk about much other than that.

I will say that earlier today, my total page views for this blog stayed at 666 for about an hour. I thought it was kind of funny, but it changed before I could tell anyone.

Oh well.

Thanks for reading.

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