Monday, May 9, 2011

Idle Thoughts

Before I get to work on Chapter 8 of Through the Flames, I'm going to talk about some idle thoughts that I've been having lately.

So start with, I've been thinking a little about the price point of Through the Flames. Though I'm still thinking about going with the $2.99 starting price point, I've also been considering going with $0.99 right off the bat. Or, I might just wait until The Shadows of Caldreth is out to drop the price, whereas my original plan was to wait until The Witch of Akabar was out to do it. That's not too important of an idea to talk about right now though.

Now, the topic goes on to the sample chapters. To put it simply, the sample chapters may change a bit before the release date. After all, I may decide to rewrite them a bit more after I listen to the entire story using text to speech. Wouldn't want a weak beginning to ruin the story, after all.

Speaking of the story... I have considered writing a prologue after I finish the last chapter of Through the Flames. After all, a good portion of the story has the antagonist being completely unknown. It isn't until Chapter 22 or 23 that Caleb learns his name, which is 12-13 chapters before the end of the book.

Before I truly seem to have devoured a large amount of sugar, I'd like to discuss Through the Flames and its place in The Sword of Kirakath.

The Sword of Kirakath, The Shadows of Caldreth, and The Witch of Akabar will basically be a trilogy within the series, though that's not actually completely correct. They will be different than the later books because of the antagonists within them, along with the adventures of the main characters.

My mention of the three books basically being a trilogy ties in with the fact that they will be grouped in an omnibus towards the end of the year. At the latest, I should have it up by New Year's Day.

Since I like names like "Through the Flames (The Sword of Kirakath, Book 1)", it is highly likely that I'll use "Genesis of the Sword (The Sword of Kirakath, Volume 1", though I might just go with "The Sword of Kirakath Omnibus, Volume 1."

Sometimes less is more, I suppose.

Anyways, those are just some idle thoughts.

Thanks for reading and following my blog.

Note: That last part is directed to the six people that are following it.

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