Saturday, May 7, 2011

Minor Updates

I'm going to talk about Through the Flames, once again.

First off, I've modified the description of the book. The original description hinted at things yet to come in future installations, which I was not too fond of. Thus, I've modified one specific part of the description.

Here it is:
Caleb knew that his life would change with his best friend's departure, but he never could have imagined how greatly it would change.
With everyone that he has ever cared about destroyed, he finds himself on an adventure that will completely redefine his life and set him upon a path to become the greatest hero in the history of Arcadia.
Through the flames, Caleb will go, for the strongest metals can only be forged with the hottest flames and the greatest pressures.
Moving on, I've changed the heroine's name. She was originally going to be named Amy, but the name wasn't connecting with the character that I was imagining. She seemed to insist that she was a "Katie", so that's her new name. Fortunately, I made this decision before I wrote her debut into the story. Changing names is a long a grueling process when you're halfway through a book.
The next little update in the story is that I've done some further editing to the first three chapters. In short, they aren't exactly the same as the ones I originally posted. I've fixed some typos, added some missing words, and edited out some of the emphasis on the colors on the characters hair in the dialogue.
That's about it on that front.
I'll end this on an interesting note. When I wrote Caleb's encounter with the black bear in Chapter 3, I had to research black bears. It was from this that I discovered that black bears are said to be one of the better tasting types of bears out there and that they supposedly taste similar to pork. Before I learned that, I had not intended for Caleb to use it as a source of food.
Anyways, I'll be posting a bit tomorrow about a surprise topic.
Thanks for reading.


Jason Matthews said...

Hi Ryne,
I can imagine that changing names is a grueling process. Hopefully you can do it with a global find and replace if you have a program like Microsoft Word.

Ryne said...

It is a grueling process indeed, though you may have misunderstood me. I'm not that far into the book, and she hasn't yet made her debut, so there's no need to replace them.

In the original "The Sword of Kirakath", I made the decision to change the main character's name when I was 50k words into it though. That was one of my worst experiences at writing novel length works. Especially since I'm using the main character's original name for the rework.

Anyways, thanks for commenting and following my blog.