Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quick Update

Okay, so I'm giving an update on The Sword of Kirakath now.

I'm behind my first three schedules, but I'm on time now. In short, I've just finished the first 21 chapters of Through the Flames, along with the prologue. I'm at 50,000 words, which is the minimum word count for a novel, according to Wikipedia.

So now, I'm going to talk about something I've gone through lately with Through the Flames.

To begin with, Through the Flames was intended to be 125,000 words, which would be 75,000 words more than what I have at the moment.

Now, it will be somewhere between 75,000 words and 90,000 words. I seem to have overestimated myself. Writing 5,000 word chapters us far more difficult than I had imagined. To get an idea on how long 5,000 words are, open up a paperback book or open your Kindle to any fiction book at its normal font size. Turn the page... nineteen times. That's about 5,000 words.

The estimate of a 125,000 word book was based on a 25 chapter book with 5k word long chapters.

I revised that to a plan of 35 chapters at 3.5k words, which would have given it the same length.

Then I learned something very important. Through the Flames isn't meant to be that long. Some of the planned chapters would have been impossible to make 1,000 words long unless I fluffed them up in a Tolkien-esque way.

So now, the length of Through the Flames will only be 30 chapters, including the prologue and epilogue. I've established a 2.5k word minimum word count for the chapters, which is something like 5 times the minimum word count for James Patterson. I only put the minimum word count so low for one reason.

Chapters should not be defined by length but by content. Making a chapter shorter or longer than it should be will affect quality negatively.

In the interests of letting this stay fairly short, let me just say that Through the Flames will officially be finished on June 7th, so it'll be up between then and my birthday. It just depends on how soon I can get it edited thoroughly enough that I'm happy with it and can't find any mistakes using text to speech.

Thanks for reading. Next time, I'll be talking about how I come up with story ideas/plans.


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