Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Through the Flames- Complete

That's right, Through the Flames has been completed. It's been written, edited, and uploaded. It should go live on Amazon within the next 24 hours.

There have been a few major changes from my most recent updates.

For starters, the length of Through the Flames has been cut quite a bit. It is now 25 chapters (including the Prologue and Epilogue) and about 55,000 words long.

This isn't a bad thing. Yeah, I wanted it to be twice that originally, but Through the Flames is special in many ways. It's the first book, so it being short is a way of saying, "Don't want to invest in a 100k word long novel to see if you like my writing? Well, you don't have to." It's also the only book in the series that I plan on dropping to $0.99 permanently, though that won't happen until August.

I actually stressed over the length of the book, despite that, but I started relaxing when I saw a favorite author's debut novel's word count. The book was The Weight of Blood by David Dalglish. It's less than 70k words. His newest book, Night of Wolves, is 55k words.

While I don't need to follow the actions of others, it's comforting to know that I'm not setting a precedent of any sort.

Secondly, I've decided that I will start working on The Shadows of Caldreth on June 21st, the day after I turn 20. This decision was made so that I'll have 71 days to write the much longer sequel.

That's in comparison to 46 days for Through the Flames, by the way.

Thirdly, I changed the ending of Through the Flames to match what my characters really wanted. As such, Katie of Caldreth has suffered a role change. Let's leave it at that.

Anyways, I'll post again when Through the Flames shows up in the Kindle store.

I'll be posting reviews for about 7-10 different books soon too. Among them will be the five books of the Half-Orcs series and the first book of the Paladins series, Night of Wolves. I'll probably also review Freedom's Sword by JR Tomlin and the Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking. I did receive a review copy of the former after all, and I'm in need of reading a few more of Amanda's books. I've only ever read Switched.

Thank the stars for my ability to read multiple books in a day.

Anyways, have a good one.


Krystal Wade said...

Congrats Ryne!!! Can't wait.

Ryne said...

Thanks. I'll be sure to tell you when it shows up online.

In other news, I already found out what I'm getting for my birthday.

I'm getting an Amazon gift card, so I'll get at least ten books with it. :-)

Krystal Wade said...

Yay for bdays! ;-) Mine's coming up, too. This is an excellent present to yourself.

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