Friday, August 5, 2011

Unrelated Stuff

This blog is intended for me as a person, me as an author, the books in The Sword of Kirakath, and the books that will be set in the same world as The Sword of Kirakath.

That said, I'm going go be talking about some stuff that is unrelated to writing or my books this time.

Since I wrote Through the Flames, I have read quite a few books. If you are looking for some good reads, check out the list below.

David Dalglish's The Half-Orcs Series
The Weight of Blood
The Cost of Betrayal
The Death of Promises
The Shadows of Grace
A Sliver of Redemption

David Dalglish's The Paladins Series
Night of Wolves
Clash of Faiths

David Dalglish's Shadowdance Trilogy
A Dance of Cloaks
A Dance of Blades

Vs. Reality by Blake Northcott- Unlike the previously listed books, this is not epic fantasy. However, it is rich in action and is about people with super powers. I definitely recommend this.

Fox by Parrisha Martelly- This book is not epic fantasy, but it is a great modern fantasy novel that has some Greek Mythology, a group dedicated to protecting Pandora's Box from the one who seeks to open it, great characters, and well thought out races like The Chosen and the Fae. It also has a romance in it, which can only develop in the future books.

In addition to reading all of those books, I watched Transformers 3: The Dark of the Moon and Captain America: The First Avenger in theaters. They were both amazing movies that I'd watch again and again.

Well, that's about it.

I'll end this on a single note. I will be participating in Sample Sunday this coming Sunday. Keep an eye open. Part of Chapter 1 will be posted. The following Sunday, I will be posting all of Chapter 1 and all of Chapter 2.

Thanks for reading. Have a great night.


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