Friday, September 16, 2011

Overdue News

Okay, so this is long overdue. It's September 16th and the Shadows of Caldreth is still not for sale, so I owe everyone an explanation.

If you recall, I had a big computer error after my first book went up, and it took over a month to fix that problem.

Still, I said that everything was on track for a September 1st release in my last post.

Well, the reason it's not online is because the editing process is taking longer than expected. Even after it's finished, I'll have to wait a little while to upload it. My laptop doesn't have Microsoft Word on it, and the computer I'm using to write is my dad's.

Here's the thing. I can't just upload a Word document. If I did, it wouldn't come out too well. I need to use Mobipocket Creator to make the e-book, but I can't exactly install it on a computer that isn't even mine. Once I get my new computer (I've planned on buying one with my next check from the start), I'll be able to upload it.

This means that it will be towards the end of September instead of towards the beginning. For that, I aplogize.

I hope the delay doesn't cause anyone too much trouble.

Anyways, I'd also like to say that I just started a sale on my book. It will be dropping to 99 cents on Amazon for this weekend. I'll be changing it back to $2.99 on Monday. If the sale is really productive, I'll do another one.

Thanks for reading.