Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gabriel Silver

I'm now moving on to talking about Gabriel Silver and how I came up with him.

In the very beginning, Gabriel Silver was the protagonist of The Sword of Kirakath and Caleb Sullivan was the best friend that went to join the King's Army. Even so, they were both planned to start out as talented warriors (at least for their age.)

I decided that I wanted the protagonist to be the blond haired, blue eyed Caleb. I liked his character more than Gabriel's because it's easier to relate to him. Instead of being the son of a warrior with all the fighting skills to be expected of him, I decided to have Michael Sullivan (originally Michael Silver) take the protagonist's best friend as his student and have the protagonist take a different path, initially.

Gabriel's apprenticeship to Michael and Caleb's inability to meet the expectations of others due to his parentage is actually something that I desired to make things more interesting when Gabriel actually re-enters the series.

Gabriel is almost the exact same person that he was when I originally conceived him. He's a raven haired young man with green eyes, an affinity for combat, and a strong desire to make something of himself.

The only real changes I've made to him are his father (who was initially Michael due to him initially being the protagonist) and his role in the series. After I decided to make Caleb the protagonist, I planned on him going to Reinsae (where Gabriel was initially going to join the King's Army at before I redrew the map), and getting Gabriel to join him on his quest for revenge. The pair would then kill the bandits that slaughtered Kirakath together.

I always intended for Gabriel and Caleb to contrast each other. Gabriel is far more concerned about honor, loyalty to his country, and valor than Caleb is. In fact, Caleb would be more likely to threw a handful of dirt in his enemy's eyes and attack while he's blinded, whereas Gabriel would insist on fighting fair.

Due to Gabriel's role change from support character to his current role, the character that will noticeably contrast with Caleb is Lance White.

But seriously, Caleb was intended to be very practical in fights while at the same time being more ruled by his emotions. Gabriel, on the other hand, was intended to act like a sterotypical knight.

To be honest, I don't really have much of a leading source of inspiration for Gabriel's character. He and Caleb are simply different sides of the same coin.

I'll end this here since saying too much will result in giving out spoilers. Gabriel is not in The Shadows of Caldreth, so giving out spoilers would end up resulting in me giving information out about future books.

But anyways, thanks for reading. Either Monday or Tuesday, I'll move on to Lance White and talk about him some.


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