Friday, December 2, 2011

Nicolas Edge

I decided that I wanted to do a blog post on various characters, explaining where they came from and what I was thinking when I created them.

Caleb and Katie are the two main characters, but I plan on doing Nicolas, Lance, Eric, Sir Edmond, Gabriel, and Hector before I go to them.

This is the installment on Nicolas.

Nicolas may at first be thought to be a simple fence that works for the Thieves' Guild. However, I wouldn't call him simple.

As The Shadows of Caldreth reveals, Nicolas is one of three sons of an influential noble family in Caldreth. If not for his lax attitude, he could have easily become an influential figure himself.

To be honest, Nicolas embodies the "rogue". In this, I refer to "rogue" as in the same way it is used in video cames as a character class. He's clever, sarcastic, full of humor, and charismatic. Furthermore, he can throw knives with the best of them and is a skilled swordsman that prefers to use a cutlass.

When I create a character, I think of their abilities first. It's easier for them to make sense in my mind.

So after I came up with his skillset, I immediately said, "He needs to be a fence. The lead female is a thief, and him being a fence would justify their constant interactions."

The Black Raven Inn being located outside Caldreth was my next decision. They couldn't walk into Caldreth covered in blood, after all. They would have been slapped in irons.

Him becoming a noble was my method of explaining his location, along with certain aspects of the personality I wanted him to have.

But what makes a character who they are is not skills or status. For his personality, I looked at two great characters, Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. They are two great rogues. Han has the skills and mind of a rogue, while Lando has a silver tongue and the charisma that I wanted Nicolas to possess.

Nicolas Edge's personality came from mixing Lando's and Han's, along with factoring in his backstory. It maye not be easy to see the similarities just yet, but that's because he has been playing a relatively small role thus far.

Anyways, that's about it on Nicolas. I'd explain his name, but that's something that popped into my mind when I was creating him, so I don't have any explanations there.

Thanks for reading. On Sunday, I'll move on to Gabriel.


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