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I could post an about me segment entirely in third person like you'd expect to see on an Author Central page on Amazon, but I'm not. I'll do one there eventually, but this is my blog, so I'll be a little less formal.

My name is Ryne Billings, and I was born on June 20, 1991, so I'm nineteen years old at the moment. I'm a resident of Oklahoma, a graduate of Poteau High School and a sophomore at Carl Albert State College.

I've been writing stories ever since I was in sixth grade, so I was about eleven years old at that time. I wrote a few short stories at that time and finished my first novel length work when I was thirteen years old. Fortunately, that novel length word was deleted from every computer that I ever put it on, along with the USB drive that it had eventually been transferred to. To answer the unspoken question, it was a modern fantasy story about vampires and witches.

Though I no longer write anything in regards to modern fantasy, I've stuck to the same genre. I'm more of a high fantasy, epic fantasy, and sword of sorcery kind of guy now.

I've actually been writing the kind of fiction that I do now since I was fourteen. I honestly can't say what inspired me to do it though. It might have been the Lord of the Rings movies, which is actually very possible. And before anyone asks, I don't like the Lord of the Rings books. I can't stand Tolkien's writing styles.

Possibly the two first epic fantasy writers that I ever read were Terry Brooks and Terry Goodkind. To this day, I am a big fan of their work, even if I haven't read too much of their former's recent books. I honestly can't say that either one of those authors are in my top three authors though. Robert Jordan- and by extension, Brandon Sanderson- is my favorite author without a doubt.

If I had to list my favorite authors in order, I'd put them like this: Robert Jordan, Christopher Paolini, John Flanagan, EH Jones, R.A. Salvatore, Terry Goodkind, Jeffrey Poole, Trudi Canvan, Robert E. Howard, David Dalglish, and Jim Butcher.

Well, I'll be going off-topic if I continue at this rate, so I'll finish talking about myself.

Actually, there's nothing more to really say. After all, my life story isn't that interesting. I'm the middle child of a happy family and my hobbies consist of reading and writing.

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