Future Projects

I'm sure at least one person is curious as to what my plans are after The Sword of Kirakath is complete.

It's about three years too early for that question, but I have a few ideas already.

I probably should have made the title "Possible Future Projects", but oh well.

Anyways, I plan on doing three more series set in the same world as The Sword of Kirakath. One would be set two thousand years before Through the Flames, one would be set five hundred years before Through the Flames, and the last one would be set some point after The Sword of Kirakath comes to a conclusion.

I won't discuss it any farther than that for a while, though.

In the more immediate future, I can say that I plan to:
  • Have The Shadows of Caldreth up on Amazon by the end of November.
  • Write The Witch of Akabar and have it up on Amazon before the end of Winter.
  • Have the first omnibus out by March 21st.
  • Release the paperback versions of the first three books and the omnibus sometime in May 2012.
Anyways, thanks for reading.