My Books

The sole purpose of this page is to list all of my books in The Sword of Kirakath, along with their blurbs and the links where you can purchase them.

Millennia after Archmage Kyran's death, a hero that he foretold has been born. He must overcome the harrowing trials before him in order to become the hero that he is meant to be, for only he can save the land from what is to come.

With bandits, assassins, and dark mages standing in his path, nothing will be the same.

The rise of the champion is at hand.


Caleb was just a hunter's apprentice. He was content to have a simple life But when he returns home to find his village massacred and his family dead, the whispered words of his dying father hurl him onto a path of blood and vengeance.

In his epic quest for revenge, Caleb will discover that the mightiest of heroes, like the strongest of metals, can only be forged within the hottest fires and under the greatest pressures. His is a destiny which will forever change the face of Arcadia. It is a destiny that can only be reached in one way:

Through the Flames.


With his quest for revenge complete, Caleb finds that life is without purpose and he cannot adapt to a normal life again. When assassins begin to hunt him, Caleb must embark upon another adventure. This time, survival is his only motive.

In his quest for self-defense and the protection of those he calls friends, Caleb will discover that his destiny is far greater than he had ever expected... and it has just begun.


Now wanted for the murder of Count Clovis, Caleb and his friends have sought refuge on the Isle of Akabar. In the lawless land, there is no time to relax. The Blood of Kirakath must be cleansed, and a new enemy is out for blood.

In his new quest, he discovers more than he ever anticipated, but even more questions than answers arise.